Catching Fish Festival of Xiangshui village is coming


Recently, farmers of Xiangshui village, Jingning district, Kunming city are busy harvesting in 150 mu of paddy field and preparing for the Catching Fish Festival that will be held on October 17. 


For the upcoming festival, villagers of Xiangshui are full of joy and expectation. After adjusting the plantation structure, combining planting rice with raising fish and developing rural tourism, they live an increasingly better life. 

He Xinhua, a resident of Xiangshui village, grows one mu of rice, which can bring him an income of more than 6,000 yuan this year. He also raises 20 kilograms of crucian carp seedlings in the field and they are worth about 8,000 yuan. 


To protect the environment, especially the drinking water, the village party general branch and village committee of Xiangshui called on villagers to join a symbiotic project of fish and rice this year earlier. So far, they have grown paddy field covering 150 mu with 1.2 ton of fish fries, reducing agricultural pollution. 

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(Editors: Alison, Christine)

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