Abundant apples in Panmao Wild Fun Farm are ready for visitors

Different kinds of apples have ripened one after another in Panmao Wild Fun Farm, in which visitors can go sightseeing, pick fruits and enjoy fine food. At the end of this month, an event will be held in the farm to attract visitors. After paying 39.9 yuan, 2 adults and 2 children( under 1.2 meters) can visit it and take away two kilos of apples and two kilos of fish from it. 


Panmao Wild Fun Farm plants about 46,000 economic fruit trees and now it is the ripe season for apple, pear, Chinese chestnut and walnut. Without bags covering them, apples here can be looked and picked by visitors directly. Sichuan Peppers can be picked here as well, although it will cost some time. 


There are 28,000 apple trees planted in Panmao Wild Fun Farm, with more than 30 varieties, covering an area of more than 1300 mu. Among them, Panmao apple is the most famous, which has been identified by Yunnan Agricultural and Rural Hall as the plateau characteristics of Yunnan famous brand products. With an annual output of more than 1800 tons, fresh fruit yielded in this farm can be picked from July to December. Now, eight kinds of apples are on the market and another three kinds of red Fuji will be sold in the coming Mid-Autumn festival and National Day.  


To ensure the nutrients needed for fruit trees’ growth, animal waste, tobacco ash, humics, large number of EM beneficial active bacteria and crushed branches are used by Panmao Wild Fun Farm as fertilizer. Instead of pesticides, biocontrol technology is adopted here to protect apples from pests. Workers in the farm have hanged many useful yellow sticky traps and bottles that can trap pests on apple trees, so visitors can eat apples free from farm chemical. 


Apart from picking apples, visitors can go fishing here. This farm has built two small reservoirs with well-equipped fishing facilities and visitors can rent tools and buy bait from it if they don’t bring by themselves. 


This farm also provides delicious farm food and barbecue for visitors. Fried apple circle is the most popular one which is made of apples picked here and sweet apple juice will overflow if one takes a bite of the crispy crust of it. 

Visitors can camp here and wake up in the morning to the song of birds. But they need to bring tents. 


1.There is no extra charge on weekends or holidays.

2.Parking is free in Panmao Wild Fun Farm. 

3.Address: 1.2 kilometers southeast of Shanglubiao village in Anning, 3 kilometers away from Anfengying toll station. 

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