13 towns in Yunnan are listed in the 2019 top 100 towns in Western China


Thirteen towns in Yunnan province are listed in the 2019 Top 100 Towns in Western China according to China Township Comprehensive Competitiveness Report 2019 issued on 8 September. 


The report respectively released top 100 towns in China, Central China and Western China. The Top 100 Towns in Western China are located in Guangxi (26), Shanxi (22), Nei Mongol (18), Yunnan (13), Sichuan (10), Guizhou (9), Ningxia (1) and Xinjiang (1). The average population of the western China top 100 towns is 72,700 and the average public financial revenue is 465 million yuan. The average number of industrial enterprises and industrial enterprises above the scale is 137 and 19 respectively.  

The report took all towns in China as the research objects and evaluates the comprehensive competitiveness of them from the aspects of economic scale, economic vitality, the level of per capita and so on. In order to guide the high-quality development of all towns, the gross regional domestic product (GDP) is not included in the evaluation system.  


Jincheng town in Jinning district is the only town in Kunming that is listed in the 2019 Top 100 Towns in Western China. It is located on the south bank of Dianchi Lake, 37 kilometers away from the center of Kunming city and 20 kilometers away from the government of Jinning district. With national Highway 213 (Kunluo Highway) running through the territory and Kunyu expressway connecting to cities, it has convenient transportation. It was the capital of the ancient Dian Kingdom and the birthplace of the ancient Dian culture. 


The Cultural Square of Jincheng town 

The other 12 towns of Yunnan in the list are Lucheng, Miyang, Haidong, Gasa, Mangshi, Linan, Mengla, Jiangna, Malipo, Tengyue, Pingyuan and Yongping.

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