Indonesian police thwart smuggling of hundreds of kilograms of marijuana

The Indonesian police have foiled a smuggling of hundreds of kilograms of marijuana in West Sumatra province and nabbed two couriers of the illicit goods, a police officer said.

The marijuana was put in seven sacks and transported aboard a truck which was stopped by the police personnel in Solok district, said Commissioner Ronaldo Maradona Siregar, chief of the anti-narcotic crime unit of the West Jakarta police.

According to the police officer, the two persons were the truck driver and the driver's assistant, local media reported on Wednesday.

The crackdown was carried out after the police developed the previous case, Siregar said.

Earlier this month, the Indonesian National Counter-narcotic Agency or locally known as BNN foiled a smuggling of nearly a half ton of marijuana in an outskirt city of the country's capital of Jakarta.

Indonesia has declared a war against drugs as the country has been in a drug emergency due to rampant drug abuses.

Dozens of drug offenders had faced firing squad for illegally spreading illicit drugs in the country. 

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