Old waste incineration power plant of Wuhua District shut down


The old waste incineration power plant of Wuhua District was officially shut down on Jun.30th after processing the last batch of waste and cleaning, which is expected to further enhance the surrounding environment.



As Yunnan’s first waste incineration power plant project ,the old power plant was signed up as a major project to attract investment on the Kunming Trade Fair in 2003.It equipped with two 12 megawatt steam turbine generator units, which had begun operating since 2008. Till its shut down, the old power plant has disposed 4,900,000 tons of waste,and given out a total electricity of 15.74 kilowatt.


To replace the old one, a new power plant is to be constructed in the northern suburb area of Kunming, which can deal with as much as two times of waste of the old one.

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