More trains to run among Kunming and hot tourist attractions

The reporter learned from China Railway Kunming Bureau Group Co., Ltd. that the transporting period of 2020’s Dragon Boat Festival is from Jun.24th to Jun.27th,totally 4 days. During this time, Kunming Bureau Group Co., Ltd.will increase trains which run between Kunming and Luoping, as well as those which run between Kunming and tourism cities such as Lijiang, Dali, Funing, Mengzi, Puzhehei, Hekou and Xuanwei. These increased trains are expected to further improve the transportation ability of these rail lines, and provide travelers with more options when it comes to select the travelling plan.


Increasing the coupled trains would bring convenience to tourists for weekend travelling and countryside travelling


Since 2020’s Dragon Boat Festival contains a weekend, which is exactly the time when seasonal fruits and wild mushrooms appear on market, so Yunnan has published the policy that offers discounts up to 50% on scenic spot entrance price to attract more visitors in order to support the recovery of tourism from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Putting the E-ticket system into fully operation


Besides the discounts, Kunming Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has also implemented the E-ticket system ever since Jun.20th. This system has covered large-scale rail lines such as Shanghai-Kunming, Nanjing-Kunming as well as stations such as Xuanwei, Yangling, Shiling. Till now, there are 40 stations using the E-ticket,and all the bullet trains (C, G & D trains) & normal trains (Z, T & K Trains)now support the E-ticket as well. E-ticket system simplified the procedure of boarding and leaving the train, which further uplifted the travelling experience.


The Department of Railway reminds visitors that the detailed increased train schedule can be checked at website and the 12306’s official application.

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