In pics: a rare solar eclipse of 2020 dazzles people

If you’ve stopped what you’re doing, looked up at the sky yesterday afternoon, you may have seen a rare annular eclipse. If you missed it, you can look through your friends’ moments.


As previously reported, the annular eclipse of Kunming city will begin at 14:02, peak at 15:45 and end at 17:11. Here come stunning pictures of the solar eclipse. 


Photo shows a heart shape of the solar eclipse.




Unlike other people witness the eclipse by looking up at the sun, Miss Wang, a local of Kunming, looked down the images of the crescent sun created by light filtering through the leaves of trees during the solar eclipse.

Photographer Wu Zaizhong joked that the Father Time may think it was too boring to spend the longest day. So he arranged the sun to please people with an annular eclipse.

Wu said that although only the partial solar eclipse can be seen in Changning, western Yunnan, it is also an astronomical feast. “It rained at first so that I missed the former part. When it stopped, I took some photos of the sun gradually appearing.”

At the same time, netizens with nice imagination grabbed this opportunity to deal with the pictures. Here comes some talented pictures.





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