“Cloud graduation ceremonies” held in Yunnan’s Universities

Recently, students in Yunnan adapted to new graduation ceremonies amid COVID-19 pandemic. Some universities made the graduates who failed to attend the graduation ceremony through online broadcast, and some students took “cloud graduation photos” and launched online graduation activities. 


Yunnan University: making the graduation medals

Graduates in Yunnan University, including undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students, shared their most memorable photos online to take part in a voting. The most acclaimed works would have customized graduation medals and souvenirs such as bookmarks, canvas bags and notebooks.


Yunnan University of Finance and Economics: holding an online graduation ceremony

More than 200 graduates attended the ceremony, and those who failed to come watched it online. As an unusual ceremony during the pandemic, a special activity was held to provide graduates and parents with a chance to present flowers to tutors, workers, and other staffs in the university.

Yunnan Agricultural University: taking “AI cloud photos”

This year, graduates were not allowed to take group photos. Yunnan Agricultural University launched the “AI cloud graduation photo” taking service. Graduates could upload their photos, and the AI technology would fuse images together to generate photos of them in their academic dress on campus, so that they from all over the county could draw a perfect end to their college life.

Yunnan Normal University: holding an online graduation party

On the evening of June 18th, an online graduation party, organized by the student union, campus singers and guitar club, was broadcast live on the internet for graduates in different cities. The university also launched a “graduation special” through its WeChat account, in which graduates posted a “graduation list” and shared what they wanted to do. Some looked back at the changes in the past four years by comparing photos taken four years ago with photos taken now, and some wrote their regrets down to record their life.

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