India pledges 15 million USD to international vaccine alliance

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday pledged 15 million U.S. dollars to "Gavi", the international vaccine alliance, while participating in the virtual Global Vaccine Summit 2020, said an official statement issued by the PM office.

Addressing the summit, Modi said India stands in solidarity with the World in these challenging times.

Referring to Gavi, he said it is not just a global alliance but also a symbol of global solidarity and a reminder of that by helping others we can also help ourselves. "India has a vast population and limited health facilities and that it understands the importance of immunization," he added.

He also stated that that India had digitized its entire vaccine supply line and developed an electronic vaccine intelligence network to monitor the integrity of its cold chain. These innovations are ensuring the availability of safe and potent vaccines in the right quantities at the right time till the last mile, he said. 

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