Yunnan meter-gauge sightseeing train has been becoming increasingly popular


Yunnan meter-gauge trains are favoured by tourists. (provided by Deng Yu, Zhang weiming, zhao yi and Yang zixuan)


According to China Railway Kunming Group Co. Ltd, with the resumption of cultural and tourism enterprises in Yunnan, the meter-gauge sightseeing train running in Jianshui County, Kaiyuan City, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, has been becoming popular with tourists. Since the resumption of it in late March, the sightseeing train has sent more than 4,700 visitors. 


Yunnan meter-gauge railway, which has a gauge of only 1 meter (1000 mm), has been in operation for 110 years. It is the only meter-gauge railway that still operates in China, and works as a connection with the neighboring countries. As it has profound historical and cultural value, China Railway Kunming Group Co. Ltd has made great efforts to protect and develop it in recent years. The company has cooperated with the local governments of Jianshui and Kaiyuan to add it the function of sightseeing, making it full of vitality. Since operating in 2015, the meter-gauge sightseeing train has attracted an endless stream of tourists to see it.


To help the meter-gauge sightseeing train reopen successfully during the outbreak of novel coronavirus(COVID-19), the Kunming group has actively coordinated with local operating units to carry out cleaning, disinfection and epidemic prevention training for staff. Besides, control measures, such as body temperature test, registration and keeping a vacant seat between two passengers, are also implemented by the group. As a result, the meter-gauge sightseeing train in Kaiyuan and Jianshui has resumed as of March 21 and 28 respectively, attracting a large number of tourists. 


At present, the Kunming group is negotiating and cooperating with Shiping County, actively promoting the development and utilization of the metre-gauge railway line between Shiping and tuanshan. Since the line regulation and train transformation are advancing orderly, the meter-gauge sightseeing train may become a new hot tourist attractions in Yunnan in the near future. 

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