Kunming zoo welcomed more than 4,900 visitors on its first reopening day


Kunming zoo, the last city-owed park to resume, has eventually reopened to visitors as of March 30, after being closed for 64 days due to the novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). Hearing the news, citizens and tourists went to the zoo early in that morning to enjoy the cherry blossom . By the end of the day, the zoo welcomed more than 4,900 visitors orderly. 

At 8:30 a.m. the park disinfected the entrance area again, where several loudspeakers had been set up to remind visitors what they should pay attention to. Visitors had already formed a 20-meter line for tickets before the park opened. When entering the zoo, visitors were instructed by the staff to take temperature and register. For people who have problems to scan to register, convenient alternatives were provided for.  


Although the cherry bloom has missed the best season to enjoy and only 20% of Yunnan cherry has left, the scene in Kunming zoo is still impressive because of the verdant grass that hasn’t been trodden for a long time. According to the park, Yunnan cherry and filamental flowering crab in this area have entered the final stage of their florescence and will gradually fade within a week. 

Animals of Kunming zoo have started working. But feeding experience and contact activities with animals are suspended due to the epidemic, and parrot garden, snack garden, bird garden and peacock garden remain closed. To avoid cross-infection, places where people may gather, like playgrounds, close temporarily, while tea houses, restaurants, souvenir shops and other places of business will gradually open. 


The opening hours now are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and tickets are closed at 4:20 p.m.. From the opening date of the park to December 31, 2020, medical workers who can show the valid certification can enjoy free tickets. When the daily capacity reaches 15,000 (including the number of free tickets) and the instantaneous capacity reaches 5000, the park will temporarily restrict the visitor flow.  

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