Restaurants resume dine-in service in Kunming

Since March 13, restaurants in Kunming resume dine-in service to meet the needs of the public. Customers are supposed to book tables in advance, and eat in batches. Dining together is not allowed until the epidemic is over. 

Before going to business, the restaurants shall have its own epidemic prevention and control work plan, carry out personnel health declaration, and ensure the stock of anti-epidemic supplies, which are maintained, 

The “Yunnan Anti-Epidemic” QR code are required to be posted at the entrance and exit of each restaurant. People must take temperature detection, wear masks and scan the QR code to enter or leave. Anyone whose temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees Celsius or who has symptoms of cough shall not enter for meals.

Each restaurant must strictly control the number of customers to avoid gathering. Attendances of restaurants in medium or large scale should not exceed 50%. Snack bars, beverage shops and fast food restaurant are fully open with the restriction that the spacing between each table is not less than 1 meter. 


As of March 12, a total of 200 scenic spots in Yunnan have issued announcements for reopening. 11 tourist attractions in Xinshuangbanna prefecture have gradually resumed since March 10. Others will reopen amid the epidemic. 

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(Editors: Christine, Rachel)

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