Sama Juliet Bomi: feeling China's responsibility and care in the fight against COVID-19

“After I learned about the epidemic-related reports and comments on the Internet, I started to be afraid.” Sama Juliet Bomi described her fear when heard the COVID-19 in the letter to InKunming. After focusing on China's response to COVID-19, she said, “China's efforts and capabilities, confidence and determination in this battle without gunpowder let me see a responsible big country. This kind of responsibility made me admire and respect. ”

Here comes her letter.

My name is Sama Juliet Bomi, my Chinese name is “朱丽叶”. I come from Cameroon (喀麦隆). I am a postgraduate student from Southwest Forestry University and I have been in China for almost two years.

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Before the 2020 winter vacation, I made some holiday plans and I wanted to go to Wuhan and spent the spring festival with my relative, but the ensuing epidemic situation changed everything and made me discover the real China, and feel that China is really a responsible country. I feel that the Chinese people are united, and have a strong sense of discipline and a high degree of unity of action. At the same time, it also changed my thinking and learning goals, and strengthened my consciousness and motivation. I want to thank China and the Chinese people, notably all my teachers at Southwest Forestry University.

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Cancelled travel plan to Wuhan due to COVID-19  

For the winter vacation of 2020, I planned to go to Wuhan on February 1st to join my brother in Wuhan Botanical Garden to experience the Chinese New Year with him. However, on January 22, the International College at Southwest Forestry University held an emergency meeting for international students on campus to introduce the situation of a new type of coronavirus infected pneumonia in Wuhan, China and the transmission from some people to another. College leaders asked us to cancel all outings and must stay in the school. At the same time, they also explained how to take good protective measures and precautions. It has been repeatedly emphasized that we must reduce going out, do not go to a place with many people, wear a mask when leaving the dormitory, wash our hands frequently, and maintain ventilation in the dormitory. I was also asked by my head teacher to immediately refund my Wuhan ticket reservation. At first I was still very reluctant. After I learned about the epidemic-related reports and comments on the Internet, I started to be afraid. I immediately cancelled my booking and I also started paying attention to the development of the epidemic.

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Knowing more about COVID-19  

After the official announcement of this new type of coronavirus-infected pneumonia (COVID-19), the number of infections began to increase slightly over time, but Wuhan began to close the city on January 23, and then first level emergency protective measures were launched in 31 provinces in China. First-level response to major public health emergencies, a fight against new-type coronavirus infection pneumonia without smoke has started.  The epidemic has also begun to spread rapidly. Hubei is the province with the most severe epidemic in China. At the same time, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing and other provinces also experienced an increase in the number of infections. The situation was very severe and tense at one time.  Some cases have also occurred and spread in Yunnan and Kunming.  With strong measures and huge investment from the Chinese government, hundreds of thousands of medical workers were mobilized and worked tirelessly, and the central government promptly determined scientific and preventive measures for epidemic prevention based on scientific control, precise policy, and epidemic hazard zoning. 

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Today, we have seen that the epidemic situation has changed, the spread of the virus has been effectively curbed, and the resumption of work and production in various places has begun gradually, and everything is moving in a good direction. All this surprised and shocked me. Everything is done so efficiently.

On the one hand, I feel the spread of the epidemic, confirming the increase in cases and suspected cases; on the other hand, I see that the Chinese government and local governments have taken proactive and decisive control measures, from scientists to medical staff, from soldiers to ordinary people, From the Party Central Committee and the State Council to the grass-roots communities and village groups, everyone has acted. Some people have become "retrogrades." Some people have adhered to units, factories, schools, communities, and villages as "guardians."  Everyone has achieved the goal of "staying in the house proud and shameful going out."  These fully reflect the overall will of a country and the high degree of unity of the people's strong disciplinary consciousness and action.


Concerted Efforts of Government and People with Responsibility and Commitment

Under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, under the decision-making and deployment of the central government, all departments and local governments have adopted active prevention and control measures and material guarantees and supplies, responded quickly to the epidemic, implemented them vigorously, and consolidated their efforts to prevent and control them, all aiming at effectively curbing the spread of the epidemic. The transparent, timely, and accurate release of information from the State Council to the provinces has stabilized the hearts of the people and effectively counteracted false statements and rumors. China's efforts and capabilities, confidence and determination in this battle without gunpowder let me see a responsible big country and a party and government centered on the people. This kind of responsibility made me admire and respect. At the same time, I also felt the warmth of “difficulty in one side and support from all directions” and the families of 56 ethnic groups. Here, we are full of dedication, love and care. Medical personnel from all over the country are up against the epidemic, support Wuhan, support Hubei, domestic, foreign companies and individuals have donated money and materials to support the fight against the epidemic, and the highest leadership of the central government has also taken the lead to support the COVID-19 prevention and control work. It can be seen that China is condensing a powerful force to win the battle.

Teachers take good care of us 

Southwest Forestry University is a university in Kunming. The school not only attaches great importance to epidemic prevention and control, but also cares about and cares for us foreign students. School and college teachers are by our side every day, making us feel very safe and secure.

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They are all working hard to participate in and guide us to measure body temperature and sterilize the dormitory and aisles. We help to distribute free lunch and dinner provided by the school every day and our teachers guide us to study, solve our difficulties, ask our warmth and coldness, and treat us like children and loved ones.


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The teachers' sincerity, friendliness, kindness, and due diligence character and spirit make me highly admire, and I am very moved and grateful. Our international students are also actively participating in school and college epidemic prevention and control work, and volunteers do what they can.

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Therefore, four of our international student volunteers received praise and encouragement from the school. I want to use them as examples.  I know that only hard work is the best return, and only strict compliance with the epidemic period regulations is the best response. Thank you China, thank you teacher, I love you China, I love the Chinese people .

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At the same time, we international students are also working hard to prepare for the school coming semester. (Author:Sama Juliet Bomi)

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