​Love from Yunnan people across China rush to Hubei

Efforts should be made to help Wuhan and people there, said Miss. Li from Yunnan. She is a vegetable grower in Yunnan’s Qujing, and is willing to donate 40 tons of vegetable for free to Wuhan. As the novel coronavirus outbreak, there are so many people like her in Yunnan. Everyone is trying their best to help and cheer Wuhan people on. 


Donate 40 tons of vegetable for free

On February 7, Miss. Li Zhanghui uploaded a message on WeChat, said she has more than 40 tons of lettuce, coriander and spring onion free of charge to donate to Wuhan or Zhangtong. When she saw from the news that life in these affected areas was in short supply, she came up with the idea of making a free donation. 

The donation of more than 40 tons of vegetables is the output of her 15 mu of land, which is worth at least 40,000 yuan including the cost of land rent. Miss. Li said, “as long as we are in good health, the money is not that important and we can earn more later.”

Light up the city for Wuhan

February 8 is the Lantern Festival in China. All the major landmarks in Kunming city turned on their lights at the same time to show encouraging words, like “中国加油!武汉加油!(Go China! Wuhan, fighting!)”, expressing the confidence and determination of Kunming people to support Wuhan to combat the epidemic.


It is reported that landmarks in 31 provinces also lit up for Wuhan on the evening of Lantern Festival. 

Huadeng opera to teach knowledge of prevention and control of the epidemic

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, art workers in Chuxiong city have created a series of literary works to popularize knowledge and encourage people to overcome difficulties and win the battle against the virus. 

The Huadeng opera “cancelled wedding” takes the story of a family as the background. It tells the story of a son who came back from a job in Guangdong and planned to hold a wedding. However, due to the epidemic, the wedding date had to be postponed. In this drama, the prevention and control knowledge, such as “no gathering, no visiting friends, wearing masks, and washing hands”, is intermingled with local elements and spreads well. 


Paper cutting and calligraphy works against the virus

Recently, the Kunming Municipal Federation of Literature and Art organized an activity under the theme of fighting against the novel coronavirus, which received continuous response from art workers.

Folk artists in Kunming took active actions to create a number of excellent works such as paper cutting, seal cutting, painting and calligraphy to warmly encourage people to win the battle of novel coronavirus outbreak.


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