​ Let’s meet Kunming's old friends--black-headed gulls on Dec.1

Minor Snow

Minor Snow [Photo/Xinhua]

it is snowing.

Many places of north are snowing.[Photo/Xinhua]

Today is the Minor Snow (Chinese:小雪). Many places of north are snowing or in heavy wind while there is still nice sunshine in Kunming, also named Spring City. People here bathed in the sun welcome their old friends--black-headed gulls, as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery in winter.

People get along well with black-headed gulls.

People get along well with black-headed gulls.[Xinhua/Yang Zongyou]

Flying thousands of kilometers, these cute black-headed gulls enjoy warm weather here. Since the first appearance made in 1985, they have been closely tied to Kunming. These cute elves encounter and make friends with locals. It turns out that black-headed gulls have already become a name card of Kunming while Kunming is regarded as the best home for them in winter.


It is the best time to feed black-headed gulls now. As a result, Kunming Information Hub plans to launch an event of Meeting Kunming's Old Friends--Black-headed Gulls on December 1 under the framework of “Unveiling Yunnan”. Foreigners can register for it from now on to November 28.

Various black-headed gulls are frying. [InKunming Su Wenqian]

Various black-headed gulls are flying. [InKunming/Su Wenqian]

If you like to take photos and want to learn dynamic photography skills, then just register for this event. Some professional photographers will help you to take better pictures. 

A black-headed gull is flying. [Xinhua Yang Zongyou]

A black-headed gull is flying. [Xinhua/Yang Zongyou]


The applying channel is open from now until 00:00 am on November 28.

How to apply?

1.Reply your COUNTRY+NAME after the post on Cailong Club.

2.Reply your COUNTRY+NAME after the post on Sina Weibo of Kunming Information Hub (昆明信息港).

3.Search “Kunming Information Hub” on Facebook and apply via the post.

Applying Deadline:

00:00 am, November 28, 2019

Event time:

9:00 am, December 1, 2019


Cuihu Park 

People who cannot participate in this event can follow us on Sina Weibo. We will broadcast the whole process on it. 

Look forward to seeing you!

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