A 6-ton tofu in Kunming certified by Shanghai Great World Guinness Records


On November 8, the 3rd Toufu Festival was held in Qibuchang community, Chenggong district, Kunming city. A giant tofu weighing 6 tons was freshly made on the scene, and successfully declared Shanghai Great World Guinness Records.



From 6 a.m., more than 50 tofu making masters gathered to rinse, crush and grind a total of 2.5-ton soybeans. It is an essential part to boil ground soybeans under an appropriate temperature in case of overcooked or under-cooked. Boiled soybean milk were poured into 120 buckets, and added with some gypsum powder, a kind of edible food additive. After a few minutes, the liquid soybean milk became solid toufu which had 7 meters in length, 7 meters in width and 13 centimeters in thickness.



The giant toufu took the title of “China’s Largest Toufu” certified by Shanghai Great World Guinness Records. The taste, appearance and nutrition of the tofu were measuring standard in addition to the size. 



The Toufu Festival also included painting and photography exhibition, food street, Thailand beer tasting and long street banquet. Visitors were able to try toufu dishes, such as fried stinky tofu, steamed stinky tofu, tofu ball and so on. 


Qibuchang community is famous for tofu, and has a history of tofu making for over 500 years. It still insists on using traditional technology to make tofu. There are 22 workshops now, with more than 150 professionals, producing more than 6 tons of toufu every day. (Photos from Xinhua)

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