Indian female delegation visited Kunming’s folk culture inheritance center



An Indian female delegation from Culcutta visited Kunming’s folk culture inheritance center named Hexu Folk Culture Inheritance Center, which is located at Kunming’s Panlong district.

Work staffers of the center introduced several Yunnan’s folk handicrafts to the Indian visitors, including dough modeling, leather carving, seal cutting, kite, paper cutting, etc. 


The Indian delegation’s visit to Kunming was arranged by Yunnan Foreign Affairs Office and Consulate General of China in Culcutta, India, for deepening bilateral understanding and promoting cooperation between China and India.


A piece of paper-cut that shows Indian famous poet Tagore’s image when he stayed in China attracted the whole Indian delegation’s eyes. The paper-cut cut out by Yunnan’s artist was appreciated by many famous persons both from India and China. 


The famous persons both from India and China signed their names or wrote down some lines of verses from Tagore’s poem around the paper-cut for sending their wishes to friendship between China and India. Female delegates from the delegation were also invited by Yunnan artist to write down their wishes around the paper-cut. 


Such a profound travel to Kunming by the Indian delegation gave each member of the delegation a good impression. They said that wish China and India could deepen cooperation under China’s “One Belt One Road” Initiative. 

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Rachel)

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