Chinese acrobatics troupe puts on new year performance in Cyprus

[InKunming--ChinaChina's Guangxi Acrobatic Troupe put on a show here Tuesday evening to celebrate the upcoming Chinese Spring Festival.

The performance, staged at Strovolos municipal theater, was opened with a song and dance, with performers holding red lanterns to herald a prosperous new year.

The artists also thrilled the audience with plate spinning and handstand skills. In a hoop-jumping performance, performers jumped through hoops at head height, drawing gasps from the audience.

The hall, which has a capacity of more than 800 people, was filled with applause when performers danced "ballet on the shoulders," a performance combining ballet and acrobatic skills.

Stella Sourmeli, chair of the cultural committee of the municipal government of Strovolos, made a speech during the intermission, in which she said "good evening" and "happy New Year" in Chinese.

"The event will be the beginning of a long-term prosperity of cultural exchanges between the two countries," she said, expressing thanks to the Chinese side.

Before the show, a delegation of the Chinese Cuisine Association showcased Chinese cuisine as well as a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Students from a Chinese School in Cyprus also performed group dances and choral music.

The troupe will give another performance in Larnaca in southeastern Cyprus on Wednesday.

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