Luhan Mansion opens for free to the public from Jul. 1



[InKunming--KunmingThere is a unique French building near the picturesque Cuihu Lake in Kunming, embowered under the shade of trees. This is the former residence of Luhan, who is the famous anti-Japanese patriotic general and the leader of Yunnan Uprising. It is open to the public for free from July 1, and a Yunnan Uprising Memorial Hall will be set up inside the mansion.


Luhan Mansion is a private garden-style residence with an area of about 1,280 square meters, which was built in 1933. It is the largest and the best preserved French building in Kunming. Two mansions are included in the interior, an old one and a new one. The current open area is the old one which was built in 1930s, located at the intersection of Cuihu South Road and Yuantong Road.



Luhan Mansion has two floors. The first floor is meeting room and living room, while the second is bedrooms, study and office rooms. It is roofed with red tiles and the walls are painted in yellow. Stained glass windows and fireplaces inside present a romantic and elegant atmosphere.



Citizens and visitors can make reservations in advance, except on Monday, and visit the museum from Tuesday to Sunday. Luhan’s life and the process of Yunnan Uprising is exhibited. As a cultural relic protection site in Yunnan, the number of visitors is limited to no more than 600 people per day and only 20 people at a time.

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