62 avenues in Kunming to be decorated with flowers

[InKunming--KunmingAccording to the Kunming city appearance and environment improvement meeting, the green isolating areas of 62 main roads in downtown will be mainly planted tall arbors and flowers, and the main 4 districts of Kunming will built night view streets.


About 410 kilometers in total, the promotion plan involves 62 roads such as Beijing rd., Renmin rd., Guangfu rd., Dongfeng rd., Dianchi rd., Qingnian rd., etc.. Tall arbors, vine plants, Chinese roses, bougainvillea speetabilis and other flowers will be planted alongside the roads to feature the characteristics of Kunming, flower blooming all year round. 6 themed stereo flower beds and 2.29 million potted flowers are already be set up now.

There will be implemented night lighting work on ring roads, other main roads and parks, to create more leisure night view for citizens. At least one characteristic block integrating food and entertainment will be built in 4 districts of Kunming, including Wuhua, Panlong, Guandu, Xishan. The lighting construction is expected to be finished next year. There will be more delectable street view and leisure areas for Kunming people at that time.

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