China and Myanmar cooperate on developing sericulture technology

[InKunming--Sister Cities] From April 9 to 10, a team of Chinese agricultural experts came to Myitkyina, Myanmar for training local people to learn sericulture technology.

Chinese experts gave lessons on mulberry cultivation and management, prevention and control of mulberry pests and diseases, rearing technique of silkworms, and so on.

Yue Maru, a representative of the Chinese experts team from Yunnan’s Dehong Chamber of Commerce, said that wish Myanmarese normal people could earn more money by learning the sericulture technology, and become technical experts in the field of sericulture technology after the training.

At present, China and Myanmar also cooperate in fields of planting rice, tea, which mainly belong to agriculture industry, and will strengthen cooperation in processing industry soon, said by Yue Maru.

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Christine) 

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