Soar through the sky on breathtaking zip line in Balog Zon, Shangri-La

[InKunming--YunnanWith an overall length of 425 meters and an altitude difference of 800 meters, the zip line located in Shangri-La’s Balog Zon scenic area was put into operation on March 17, 2019. It is the longest, highest and most exciting zip line in Yunnan province by far. 


Zip line is an adventurous, exciting and entertaining sports for those courageous people. The one in Balog Zon only takes about 45 seconds from the starting point to the end point. The average speed can reach 9.44 meters per second and the maximum speed is nearly 12 meters per second. It costs 120 yuan for each, but a preferential price is available from March 17 to April 40.

Located at the junction of Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet, the Balog Zon is one of the core scenic spots of “three parallel rivers” areas, with 176 square kilometers. It covers a variety of landscape resources, including snow mountains, canyons, glaciers, rivers, plateau lakes and primitive forests.

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