Camellia shape of cole flowers awaits tourists in Anning


[InKunming--Kunming] Spring is coming and the vast sea of yellow cole flowers in Anning city is awaiting tourists. In addition to the well-known scenic spot of Tangchuan in Anning, there is a new spot Shankou Village, Xianjie Street travelers could go. The cole flowers and broad bean plantation covering 90 mu (about 6 hectares) is a splendid place for sightseeing. People could see a camellia shape from the aerial photo.


In order to make more people know about Shankou Village, a cultural activity will be held from March 2 to 3. People could wander around the cole flowers, experience local customs and do shopping at rural fairs during that period. It can not only further promote tourism, but also help locals earn more money.


Shankou Village used to be a poverty-stricken place. In recent years, the village has made every effort to step up rural revitalization. In 2016, Shankou Village was listed as a model for construction of demonstration villages in Yunnan Province.


In September 2018, Shankou Village invited professional designing company to scheme the whole area by adding some flowers plantation plans. It is said that 130,000 yuan have been invested to cultivate the rural tourism industry.   


It is worth mentioning that a photography exhibition about cole flowers will be held on March 9. A series of events such as photo competition will present the best to visitors.


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(Editors: Rachel, Cathy Chen)

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