Tourists to China-Myanmar border rise during Spring Festival holiday


[InKunming--Yunnan] Yunnan's Dehong Prefecture Tourism Development Committee announced on February 11 that the prefecture received 1.35 million tourists during the Spring Festival holiday, most of whom enjoyed one-day tour around China-Myanmar border in Dehong Prefecture.



The committee addressed that the number of the tourists reached the highest in latest years. These tourists were mainly from Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming, and the other cities of Yunnan Province.



Large majority of the tourists would like to travel in Dehong by self-driving. Personalized travel ways were also warmly welcomed by the tourists, according to the committee.


Right now, the tourism mode that is to travel around China-Myanmar border becomes more and more popular. Dehong Prefecture Tourism Development Committee noted that they would strengthen efforts to promote civilized tourism in the prefecture, ensuring tourists could travel conveniently. 

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Christine)

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