Yunnan’s Luoping, a great destination to travel in Jan. and Feb.



[InKunming--YunnanLuoping in Yunnan province is on the list of “great destinations to travel in January and February” recommended by CCTV news via its official WeChat account. Ten thousand mu of cole flowers will be in full bloom here every January to March. If you have the chance to visit Luoping, there are three places you can’t miss. 



Departing from Luoping county and driving 12 kilometers along the 324 national highway, cone-shaped hills are well-distributed within the field, which is the famous Jinjifengcong, covering an area of nearly 100 square kilometers. You will never have the problem of taking good pictures when you visit there. It's unique location make it spectacular to shoot sunrise and sunset. If you climb to the summit of the Dahei mountain, the optimum viewing spot, you will be able to appreciate everything in sight. 


Another place to admire cole flowers is ten kilometers northwest to Luoping county. In spring, the fields is full of cole flowers are golden while the fields with wheat are green as jade. This is Luositian. From afar, the terraced fields colored in yellow are just like dragons crouching there.



The cole flowers in Luoping are not only famous for opening early, but also for its perfect combination with the surrounding karst landscape. The best place to enjoy this extraordinary scenery is Shiwandashan viewing platform. There is no need to get out of the car and take a close-up shot. Therefore, many photographers choose to shoot from a distance on their way to Doyi river. 


In addition to Luoping, there are many places in Yunnan where you can also enjoy the beauty of cole flower, such as Yuxi, Anning, Mengzi, Tengchong, Lijiang, Dali, etc..

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