19 year-old female rebar worker toils for her goal


[InKunming--Yunnan] Generally speaking, people seldom see women work at construction site. It is a fact that men working at the construction site are too tired to tolerate at end of a day, let alone women. However, a 19-year-old beautiful girl named Wang Lijuan in Yunnan province was well known as a rebar worker at a construction site.


Wang Lijuan was born and raised in a village of Baoshan city, Yunnan province. Her mother left home and never came back when Lijuan was only one year old. She and her elder sister relayed on their father for livings.


It was not long before difficulty struck again. Her father suffered from  rheumatism and was unable to work again. After her sister got married, she and her father have depended on each other for survival. She dropped the school at the age of 17 and started working at the construction site because she did not want her father to borrow money.


In fact, she often feels exhausted as there are too much work. Sometimes she needs to work 15 hours a day. One day, she almost got killed by a rebar when the machine did not work.


Although the work is tired and dangerous, she has been persisting all the time for the goal in her mind, which is to build a house in hometown for her father.


It caused heated discussion among netizens when her story went popular on the internet. They expressed their thoughts separately. For instance, “You are a brilliant girl. I feel sorry about my family comparing to what you do to your father. Best wishes for you.” ”Honey, just change a job. There is something better for your ability.” “You are a good girl.” “Good for you. As the old saying goes no gain without pain.”

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