Yunnan 1st Specialty Coffee Culture Festival to kick off in Lincang


[InKunming--YunnanMore than 600,000 mu of red coffee cherries are ripened on the shrubs in Lincang in December, which indicates the coffee festival is approaching. The 1st China Yunnan Specialty Coffee Culture Festival and the 4th Yunnan Coffee Cup China Coffee Brewers Championship will be held in Lincang city, Yunnan province from December 18 to 20.


The theme of this year’s coffee festival is “sharing specialty coffee, developing creatively”, aiming to promote the reputation of Lincang’s coffee all over China and abroad. There will be over 500 people gathered together to discuss the future of Yunnan’s coffee.

Abundant activities will be organized, such as coffee equipment exhibition, coffee farm visiting, coffee processing line visiting, brewers final and so on. These activities will represent the latest achievements of Yunnan’s specialty coffee and draw much attention from outside to Yunnan coffee industry.


Lincang is regarded as one of the best coffee growing regions in the world. With good climatic conditions and ecological environment, it is the most suitable place for developing coffee industry in China. At present, the planting area has exceeded 600,000 mu, and the output is nearly 20,000 tons, and 90% of them can reach 80 points in international cup test. 

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