Snapshot: black-necked cranes well winter in Yunnan’s Zhaotong



[InKunming--YunnanIt’s the season for bird migration again. About 1,024 black-necked cranes have arrived in Dashanbao, Zhaotong, Yunnan. They arrived half a month in advance than ever before, and would inhabit here for more than 200 days throughout the winter. 



These black-necked cranes came intensively on November 9, 10 and 11, especially 509 on the 11th. The number is expected to surpass the historical peak this year, due to the recent sunny weather which provides them with good living conditions. Zhaotong Dashanbao black-necked crane national nature reserve administration contributes 5 tons of corn and 3,750 acres of potatoes to feed the birds and ensure they overwinter safely.



Zhaotong Dashanbao is the highest sub-alpine wetland ecosystem where black-necked cranes gather together. There are many swamps and wetlands, which are known as “the kidney of the earth”. It has become an ideal wintering habitat for endangered black-necked crane in the world. 



About 1,400 black-necked cranes fly here every year, about one-sixth of the global total. Bar-headed goose, ruddy shelduck, common mallard, common crane, black-headed gull and other migratory bird also choose Dashanbao to spend their winter. 



As the black-necked cranes are protected in national level, visitors should notice that it is forbidden to enter the living area of these birds, and do not make loud noises or interfere with the normal foraging of them. 

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