2018 China-Myanmar Ruili-Muse Intl Marathon to kick off on Dec. 31

[InKunming--YunnanThemed on “one horse running two countries, science and technology marathon”, the 2018 China-Myanmar Ruili-Muse International Marathon will kick off on December 31 in Ruili city, Dehong prefecture of Yunnan. 

Unlike last year, the section in Myanmar grows up to 7 kilometers this year, and the number of participants increases by nearly 10,000 from 7,500 last year. There will be 5 following categories:

① Full Marathon (42.195km) /1000 persons (200 RMB);

② Half marathon (21.0975 km) /2000 people (150 RMB);

③ Happy running individual race (about 7.5km) / 3,000 people (60 RMB);

④ Happy running team competition (about 7.5km) /100 teams (only for public institutions in dehong, each team must have 10 people) (600 RMB);

⑤ Warm run /1000 families (1.5km), take the family as the unit for registration, parents and children at least 1, maximum 2. For example: "1+1", "1+2", "2+1", "2+2") (150 RMB).

The deadline for registering is November 20. Participants are supposed to use the enrollment channels to sign up including official website, official Wechat, Cikers, iHuipao, iRan Shao, Laipao8, Codoon, Zuicool, 42trip, Runnar, Mararun, etc..

The highlight of this year’s race is that the medals are made of pure mahogany, which are full of regional features and collection value. The mascot is designed and made based on the prototype of Phayre’s Leaf-monkey which is the state protected wildlife.

During the race, Ruili tourism bureau will launch a series of promotional activities for athletes and their friends and relatives. Athletes can visit some scenic spots in Dehong for free with their ID code, and get two half-price tickets from December 31 to January 1, 2019. 

In order to actively respond to China's "the Belt and Road Initiative" and promote the sports and cultural exchanges between China and Myanmar, the event was renamed as "China-Myanmar Ruili-Muse international marathon".

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(Editors: Christine, Rachel)

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