Yunnan Image advertising video released to world during 5th CSA Expo

[InKunming--Yunnan]  The 5th China-South Asia Expo opened on June 14. On the same day, Yunnan goverment released an artistic video that showed pictureque and idyllic Yunnan to the world on a news conference. 

The video, with a total length of 8 minutes, took director group one year and two months to shoot, containing classic scenes that were captured from 16 prefectures in Yunnan Province, telling a short story about 9 people's lives in the province. 

Yang Liping--dancer, born in Er'yuan, Yunan


Yang Liping, a famous dancer in China and even in the world, learned to dance from peacock, river, flowers and any other lively things that grow in Yunnan. Her dance tells colorful stories of Yunnan. 

Li Xincao——conductor, born in Baoshan, Yunnan


Li Xincao thinks that even music has no country boundry, musicians have their own hometowns that cultivate their traits for creating tunes. Li Xincao's inspiration for music comes from Yunnan, his birthplace.

Xiaoxue--poet, born in Xizhou,Yunnan


Xiaoxue said that Yunnan is such a beautiful place that is very easy to ignite each poet to write poems.In the province, every mountain has its own story.   

Ye Yongqing--painter, born in Heqing, Yunnan


"I painted leaves, clouds, and birds, but whatever I painted, I think I only paint all images taken from Yunnan. Even I travelled around the world, the place I missed most is Yunnan."Ye Yongqing said.

Pei Shengji--botanist, live in Yunnan for 60 years


"I could always find fresh and unique things in Yunnan's forest. Yunan is a large garden of China, also is a treasure house that stores ecological system's wisdom."Pei Shengji told.

Wang Liyuan--florist 


Wang Liyuan told that flower represents present in other places, but it represents daily life that could accompany everybody in Yunnan. 

Li Ling--pilot at Kunming Airlines


Li Ling said: "I flied farther and farther, but Yunnan becomes more and more near to the world."

Pei yifeng--the French, scholar reasearching on Yunnan-Vietnam Railway,live in Yunnan 20 years


Pei Yifeng said: "One hundred years ago, through Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, mysterious Yunnan unveiled its veil to the world. One hundred years later, Yunnan is openning up it to the world, joining One Belt and One Road Initiative."

Jin Feibao--explorer, born in Kunming, Yunnan


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