Come and join the 1st China Intl Tea Dance competition in Yunnan!

[InKunming--Yunnan] The 1st China International Tea Dance competition is calling for tea-lovers to join from now on to June 12 according to the organizing committee. If you are a tea specialist, tea culture fan, art worker or so on, you would be sincerely welcomed to participate in the competition which will has preliminary and rematch at the beginning, and has a final in Yunnan in August.

As introduced, the tea dance is a performing form to show Chinese tea culture, revealing the beauty of tea. This competition will explore the participants’ skills of making tea, dancing, knowing about tea and so forth.

All the contestants in the final will get a 9,800 yuan’s worth of course for free. Moreover, the winner will also be the representative of the next tea dance competition to propagandize relevant events.

Fu Lihong, the event organizer who is also the founder of tea dance, indicated that more than competing the knowledge of tea, the contest also provides a platform allowing tea culture to integrate with diverse art, such as dance, song, drama, etc. “It is a good idea to combine tea culture with Yunnan or even Chinese folk dance to appreciate the unique charm of tea,” Fu said.

Fu began to work on the performance and tea course from 2002. Two years later, she decided to studying tea dance performance in order to improve the appreciation of tea, and created some beautiful and elegant tea dance which contains some elements of Yunnan’s fold dance, and some elements of han, tang, song dynasty. There are already nearly 40,000 people learning tea dance from Fu. Some students have opened their own tea shops in America, Canada, UK and other areas. Through performing tea dance, they bring Chinese tea culture to foreign countries.

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