Wild mushrooms just come in the market in Yunnan

[InKunming--Kunming] Lactarius deliciosus with popular state among people is the earliest mushroom on the market. Recently, people can buy fresh lactarius deliciosus with a higher price at the Yunnan wild mushrooms trading center, which is nearly two months earlier than previous years.

Those on-selling mushrooms are from Guizhou Province and Hubei Province. The price is at the same level as in the past time (90 to 130 yuan per kilogram). However, the mushroom has a poor quality perhaps because of the weather. It has been estimated that wild mushrooms will usher in a high yield this year,according to Mr. Ma, a merchant in the trading center.

Usually, Lactarius deliciosus comes in market from the end of April to November. The peak time is June and July when citizens can purchase lots of mushrooms with a lower price. As the temperature is going up, more and more mushrooms will appear and grow up in mountains of Yunnan.

Besides, there is no specific way to cook lactarius deliciosus as it is nontoxic. One recipe recommends that these mushrooms should be lightly washed, fried in olive oil with a small amount of garlic.

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