Philippines Pauline: hope to celebrate Water-Sprinkling Festival

Pauline Mangilog Saltarin from the Philippines.

[InKunming--Yunnan] Nearly seven activities impressed Pauline Mangilog-Saltarin a lot during the three days trip in Dehong. She tasted local cuisine, appreciated the folk customs of Jingpo and Dai People and encountered countless “surprises” there.

Pauline is the producer, director, and writer of numerous documentaries and educational TV shows which have been recognized in the Philippines and abroad. She was invited as a judge for the first “Belt and Road” International Micro Documentary Festival. Initailly, she just went to China to appreciate the micro documentary and never thought that she would dance with hundreds of people in Dehong.

On the day she arrived in Mangshi City, she enjoyed the traditional "Jingpo green leaf banquet" with local citizens. Having a glimpse of all the people with disposable plastic gloves eating food wrapped up with green large banana leaves, gave her a good appetite and put her in a nice mood.

Although Pauline is used to having meals with fork and spoon, she unwrapped all the dishes and enjoyed them. “ People here like to cook with chilli, which is a little bit similar with food in our county in certain regions. I enjoyed myself very much that night.” Pauline said that many farmers in the Philippines choose to wrap their lunch with banana leaves and bring them to the fields, which is a way to save time.

The 2018 China Dehong Jingpo International Munao Zongge Festival kicked off on the morning of March 2nd. Tourists from home and abroad gathered with the Jingpo people singing and dancing together to celebrate this great festival. Jingpo women held colorful handkerchief and fan and men held show knives, dancing with each other.

“I am amazed that everyone can dance with the joyful rhythm methodically.” Pauline pointed out that it’s like the Ati-atihan festival in the Philippines. The biggest difference is that Filipinos in Aklan would always darken their faces with soot and drink beers.

Pauline appraised Munao Zongge Festival with three words: vibrant, eye-opening, and inclusive. Pauline says that she is glad the festival is not only for Jingpo People but that it is gradually becoming an international celebration. More and more people will come and participate in the activity in the future.

Of course, Pauline spent most of her time in judging all the documentary works. In her eyes, each work has its merits and holding such a micro documentary festival is helpful to promote Dehong to the world. She believes that all the experts including her will recommend friends to travel in Dehong.

In addition, Pauline goes everywhere with her camera to capture wonderful scenery. Looking at all the photos, there is one showing many Dai girls dancing together, people happily eating during the green leaf feast, the gorgeous landscapes of Dehong and many other subjects. When she goes back to the Philippines, she will share those pictures with friends on her travel blog,

As for Pauline, Dehong is a place worth visiting again. When she heard that there will be the Water-Sprinkling Festival of the Dai in April, she said that she would like to go back to Dehong to experience the festival and encounter a different ethnic culture.

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