Kunming Botanical Garden to hold month-long camellia exhibition soon


Kunming Botanical Garden will usher its 15th camellia exhibition from February 1st to February 18th. Under the theme of " Past & Present", the exhibition aims to show the developing story of Kunming Botanical Garden. Citizens could participate in interesting activities and witness its 80 years of history when admiring the beauty of camellia.

During the exhibition time, there will be two free mini-lectures everyday. Professional commentators will explain different kinds of camellia and related knowledge to visitors. Meanwhile, "Flower Puzzle" and "Camellia Photography Competition" activities will meet with people on weekends. Those who are fond of capturing beautiful things could take part in for free.

In fact, the Camellia Garden founded in 1950 is the first themed garden in Kunming Botanical Garden and has been named as "International Outstanding Camellia Garden". The garden focuses on collecting sorts of camellia plants and conducting relevant research works. Majority of camellia plants are 70 years old. It is said that visitors could see key varieties during the exhibition.

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(Editors: Rachel, Cathy Chen)

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