Largest group of Phayre's leaf monkey found in Yunnan

[InKunming--Yunnan] Zheng Shanhe, a volunteer of environmental protection, had accidentally captured photos of Phayre's leaf monkey, which is the endangered species of the world and Class I state-protected wild animal, in Mangshi, Dehong Autonomous Prefecture. It turns out that the group of 200 Phayre's leaf monkeys is the largest population existing in China.

The Phayre's leaf monkey is a species of lutung mainly living in primordial broad-leaved forest below an altitude of 2700 meters. The monkey found in Dehong belongs to T. phayrei shanicus, which distributes in western Yunnan, China, and eastern and northern Myanmar. The quantity of Phayre's leaf monkey in one place was record 80 at most. It is pretty rare to see 200 Phayre's leaf monkey gathering together. As a result, it is supposed to be the largest population of Phayre's leaf monkey in China. Currently, Dehong government have taken useful measures to protect them, according to Chen Jianwei, a doctoral tutor in Beijing Forestry University.

In recent years, Dehong Autonomous Prefecture regards ecological environment as the most high-quality resources and works hard to protect them. At present, Dehong has a forest area of 1.152 million mu (7680,000 hectares) and the forest coverage hits 68.78%.

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