Folk music show named Yunnan Melodies to kick off on 21st

[InKunming--Kunming] A folk music show named Yunnan Melodies is to kick off in Kunming Victory Hall(Kunming Kangzhan Shengli Tang)on November 21st.

Yunnan musicians attending the show are to play folk music works that feature with Yunnan characteristics. For example, a music work that describes an imaginable scene about a group of Yunnan farmers diligently working on a rice land, and a music work that delivers a beautiful scene of some Dai people celebrating their festivals are to be played on site.

Yunnan-style music instruments are also brought to the show. The instruments invented by smart Yunnan people could make unique and nice sounds. Audience could enjoy a wonderful music show in the night if they have interests in Yunnan culture and Yunnan nationalities.

Ticket prices for the show only cost 20 yuan and 40 yuan. Kunming Theatre in charge of selling the tickets could be contacted via phone numbers 0871-63169950 or 63169845.

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Rachel)

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