Forecast expects new rounds of drenching rain in Yunnan

[InKunming--Yunnan] It snowed in Shangri-La on October 31st. When winter comes, people in Shangri-La will experience several times of seeing snow scenery, large or small, dense or sparse. In the following days, new rounds of drenching rain will hit the road.

The sun was still shining on the last day of October, but the chill in the air made people feel cold. Influenced by the cooling effect, the temperature in central and eastern Yunnan Province was below 6 degrees centigrade while the minimum temperature in Kunming also dropped to 4.3 degrees centigrade yesterday morning.

Triggered by radiative cooling at night, those who worn cotton-padded coats still felt cold even walking under the bright sun-shines yesterday. Frost occurred in Kunming suburban places snowed. For instance, the minimum temperature of Taihua Mountain in Xishan District is just 2.8 degrees centigrade.

Yunnan Provincial Meteorological Observatory expects that many regions will be affected by a blast of strong cold air. Consequently, the temperature will go down. The temperature of Kunming city is going to decrease on November 2nd.

In details, Diqing,Nujiang, Lijiang, Dali, Baoshan, Dehong, Lincang, northern Chuxiong, northern Kunming, northern Qujing, Zhaotong will be cloudy with a chance of showers. One thing needs to be noticed is that small to moderate snow is likely to hit the northern Diqing.

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