Thirteenth Dragon Boat Racing Championships closed in Kunming

[InKunming--Kunming]  In the evening of 22nd October, the 13th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships (WDBRC) came to an end. During this five-day competition, more than 2,500 athletes coming from 24 countries and regions competed in Caohai, Dianchi Lake, charming audience with spirit of competitive sports.

Wang Xiliang, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee of the CPC and mayor of Kunming, Bi Huizhi, deputy director of the standing committee of Municipal People's Congress in Kunming, Wang Jianying, deputy mayor of Kunming, Zhu Yan, vice-chairman of Municipal Committee of CPPCC in Kunming, Guo Xilin, secretary-general of municipal government of Kunming attended the closing ceremony.

Performances with strong characteristics of ethic groups left deep impression on athletes both from home and abroad. For instance, "Tiaocai" from Yi people, songs accompanied by sounds of wooden drum from Wa people, "Can't Let Go" from Lahu people were all presented to the audience. Other folk music works of Yunnan such as "Yunnan" and "As Free as Mountain Breeze" also gave people a glimpse of abundant culture of Yunnan.

In addition to Yunnan performances, a foreign band also added spice to the atmosphere by performing "We Are the World" and "Let It Go".

After the performing section, an award ceremony was held. Chinese team won the National Cup, and Canadian team was granted the titles of National(Regional) Champion of Experienced Athletes Category and Women National(Regional) Champion.

In the end, Wang Xiliang handed the flag of International Dragon Boat Federation(IDBF) to Mike Tomas, the chairman of IDBF, and to Thailand, the country to host next Dragon Boat Racing Championships.

Background information:

The WDBRC is hosted by International Dragon Boat Federation(IDBF), and jointly undertaken by China Dragon Boat Association, Yunnan Sports Bureau, Kunming Municipal Government, Zhongshi Sports and Entertainment Limited Company. It is aimed at promoting culture of dragon boat and presenting achievements of Dianchi Lake's environment management.

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