More than 300 black-headed gulls reached Haigeng Park

[InKunming--Kunming]  A flock of black-headed gulls resting on a landing stage in Kunming Haigeng Park attracted citizens’ attention on October 8th.

According to an observer from Kunming Bird Association, more than 300 seagulls have arrived in Kunming on October 6th, 10 days earlier than last year.

“Every year, about one to two hundred black-headed gulls, instead of flying back to Siberia, will stay in Kunming because of age. At first I was not sure whether the vanguards of seagulls have arrived, but then I found that birdlings have accounted for more than 20% of the total number, and the number of these lovely creatures is also increasing, which are two indicators for early-arrived black-head gulls,” said Yang Ming, a senior member of Kunming Bird Association.

Yang said that there were three main reasons to explain why black-headed gulls come early this year. First of all, seagulls are pretty familiar with the migratory route after 32-year-migration to Kunming.

On top of that, moderate weather, well-protected Dianchi Lake and food provided by the government guarantee adequate food supply for these migratory birds.

Last but not least, low temperature of breeding place could also make seagulls set out early.

In addition to black-headed gulls, brown-headed gulls and herring gulls also reach Kunming to hibernate.

Citizens need to be patient to see seagulls in the city.

Early-arrived black-headed gulls will normally settle down at outer lake of Dianchi Lake, while late-comers will choose Caohai Lake and its levee as homes.

Seagulls will not fly to Green Lake Park, Daguan Pavilion Park and other parks until their number reaches around 10,000. Thus, it still takes some time for citizens to see seagulls in the city.

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