Ongoing ginseng fruit tourism festival jazzes up Golden Week

[InKunming--Kunming]  The 3rd Stone Forest Ginseng Fruit Tourism Festival kicked off on September 23rd, and will last for a month to the end of October. Visitors are arriving in their droves to Shilin Yizu Autonomous County in Kunming, to pluck and enjoy the sweet fruit.

The opening ceremony

On the opening ceremony, folk performance of minority ethnic groups was performed, fueling up the atmosphere. In exhibition sectors, ginseng fruits in shape of heart and ellipse attracted lots of people gathered in line to buy them.

Tourists can not only appreciate the gorgeous scenery by visiting astonishing Stone Forest and camping in Changhu area but also pick up ginseng fruits themselves in West Street County throughout this eight-day holiday (also named as Golden Week).

Ginseng fruit in various shapes

Ginseng fruits have great repute as “the King of Anticancer Fruit” and “the Kindling of Life” for it is rich in selenium and calcium.

The large temperature difference between day and night leads to high fructose in ginseng fruit planted in West Street Town which is in a high altitude area. As a result, Its intense flavor leaves peole with a pleasant aftertaste. People who have eaten once always want to eat more. Moreover, except for eating it directly, ginseng fruit can also be fried and steamed like vegetables.

A delicious ginseng fruit

Besides, activities such as catching fish contest, photography competition, picking up ginseng fruit and tasting organic vegetables will be held in the following days. If you cannot wait to take a short trip there, here comes the route tips.

Locations to pick up ginseng fruit: xin muao/lao muao/luhua/ zichu, West Street Town.

Route Tip:

Set off from Stone Forest and drive towards Lu Liang direction for 4 kilometers. Then turn right and take Jiu Shie special tourism line. Keep driving for 8 kilometers before turn left into Beizhao road. At last, drive 9 kilometers to reach West Street Town.

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