Macao streamlines business promotion regulations to encourage investment

[InKunming--China]  Macao has simplified and improved some of its regulations for trade and investment promotion, the special administrative region's investment promotion body said on Sunday.

Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (MTIPI) said it has updated the regulations for companies attending promotional events, especially cut short the list of documents that should be provided for companies to hold or participate in promotional activities such as exhibitions or forums.

Instead, such information will be provided by other government departments such as Financial Services Bureau, the institute said.

According to MTIPI, companies now don't need to hand registration copy for business opening or modification, commerce registration copy, business tax form copy, occupational tax form copy, and certificate copy for no outstanding tax.

The regulation updates also said the exhibition information should be issued to public every month, which will help companies and interested visitors know the promotional activities as soon as possible.

Such information was publicized every June and December per year, according to old regulations.

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