Black-headed gulls leave Kunming, flying back to Siberia

[InKunming--Kunming]  Black-headed gulls have set out their journey to Siberia as the weather gets warmer and warmer in Kunming. Recently, the number of black-headed gulls is greatly reduced in both Haigeng Dam and Cuihu Lake. People have to wait until November to meet and feed black-headed gulls again this year.

Black-headed gulls spend their winter in Kunming.

In fact, black-headed gulls have started sending signals that they would leave Kunming shortly after Spring Festival. The feathers on the heads and throats of the gulls turn black and the feathers on the tails change into pure white when they are sexually mature. They would chirp in a different way to convey a message to other gulls and human beings.

"Hundreds of black-headed gulls flied above Cuihu Lake last week, creating a beautiful landscape. But there is no one in miles around today." Miss Li said.

Black-headed gulls soar in the blue sky.

"The black-headed gulls left Kunming on March 22on, which is same as last year." Wang Zhibin said,the Deputy Secretary of Kunming Birds Association.

In the wake of migration of black-headed gulls, the food for feeding gulls has been gradually reduced. Except for two or three places such as Haigeng Dam and Yunnan Ethnic Village, which still order some foods for gulls. Miss Li from Kunming Kunhua Technology Co.Ltd.said, "On average, there are 100 kilograms supplied for Haigeng Dam while just 10 kilograms for Yunnan Ethnic Village."As usual, about 3 hundred old or sick gulls would stay at Lake Dian. However, it is hard for citizens to see them because they would spend their time at outer area of Lake Dian by eating fish and shrimps.

Black-headed gulls soar in the blue sky.

In short, black-headed gulls always return back to Siberia when the breeding (the middle of March to April) season comes.with the approaching of winter, they would bring their babies to Spring City at the end of October.

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