Love means "to be together": German wife staying in Yunnan


Valentine's Day is a time for love and romance. Love was in the air in Kunming yesterday (February 14th). Many young people walked hand in hand on the streets showing love and expressing affection to their lovers. As for Karolin, a German woman who married a Yunnan guy planned to make a nice and warm dinner for the guy on such a special day.

"I am going to prepare a candlelight wine dinner so that we could relish a quiet night." Karolin smiled sweetly and said, "We did not share the dinner time last year on Valentine's Day. So it is a great thing for us to celebrate Valentine's Day together this year." Karolin and Mr. Zhang tied the knot after about 5 years’ relationship. They have a cute son right now.

"I do not have enough time to company my family since there are lots of things to deal with. However, I have asked for a leave in advance so that I could spend time with Karolin and our son on Valentine's Day." Mr.Zhang said. Meanwhile, he brought a bunch of half-bloomed roses to surprise his wife.

In Karolin’s eyes, even though Mr. Zhang was born and raised in Yunnan, he is as independent and competent as many western gentlemen. "We bought house by ourselves in Kunming. We do not want to be members of ‘NEETs’.(‘NEETs’ means young people are Not in Education, Employment or Training.) To be honest, we do not appreciate some adults who are energetic but do not work. Their parents have to buy a house and raise kids for them."

When it comes to lovers’ relationship established between them, Karolin recalled and said: "We knew each other on the Internet. He is from Gejiu City, Yunnan Province while I come from a small town in the south of Germany. I wanted to improve my second language English. At the same time, he was planning to study abroad in the Netherlands. Finding a foreigner to practice English seemed to be the best way to improve our English. At a result, we started being friends."

They met in reality when Mr. Zhang was admitted to a university in the Netherlands. "We have the same attitude towards life and nature. Being together is a common choice we shared with each other."

Mr. Zhang is too busy in business to company with Karolin after marriage. "My husband works hard to let us live a comfortable life. I am proud of him." Karolin said.

To Karolin, what Mr. Zhang has done gives Karolin a sense of well-being although he did not say "I love you" very often.

"We do not need to watch movies or send chocolates on Valentine’s Day. One bunch of flowers and a night to share together are enough." Karolin said, the greatest thing in this world is to cherish each other in the bottom of heart.

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