Foreign educational experts discussed Yunnan education during CSA expo

[InKuming--Kunming]  The 4th China-South Asia Expo(short for CSA expo) opened on June 12, 2016. Traders, buyers came for doing business during the expo. Experts from different domains also came for attending the expo.

On June 13, the 3rd Education Sub-Forum of China-South Asia Business Forum, an activity included in the CSA expo, kicked off at Yunnan Open University in Kunming. Educational experts from South Asia and South-east Asia participating in the sub-forum discussed ways to promote international education cooperation.

At the sub-forum, some foreign educational experts also received InKunming journalist's exclusive interviews, sharing their opinions on Yunnan’s tertiary education.

Abdur Rab Miah, Chancellor of Bangladesh Eastern University

Abdur Rab Miah, Chancellor of Bangladesh Eastern University:

Yunnan's tertiary education development speed is very fast

Abdur Rab Miah, chancellor of Bangladesh Eastern University, visited some of Yunnan's universities in 2012, such as Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, and Yunnan Normal University.

Right now, Mr. Abdur Rab Miah, being a visiting professor of Yunnan Normal University, also teaches students knowledge of MBA in the university.

From 2012 to 2016, Abudur Rab Miah observed changes in Yunnan's tertiary education domain. He thinks that development speed of Yunnan's tertiary education is very fast.

"Scale of Yunnan's universities expanded quickly in latest years. Number of the universities' students also increased very quickly. Original appearances of the universities were changed." Mr. Abdur Rab Miah said.

Aishath Shaheen, Deputy Chancellor of Maldives National University

Aishath Shaheen, Deputy Chancellor of Maldives National University:

Technology level of Yunnan's tertiary education is stronger than ours

"Although our university has built up a relation with Yunnan Open University several years ago, I came to Kunming and attended the education sub-forum for the first time," Asiahth Shaheen, deputy chancellor of Maldives National University told InKunming journalist.

Compared with Maldives National University, Yunnan's universities like Yunnan Open University own better technology levels, Asiahth Shaheen referred.

"We needs to develop our technology for our university ," Asiahth emphasized on the education sub-forum, "especially technologies regarding cloud application and cloud technology."

Asiahth Shaheen thinks that by more developed technology, tertiary education of Maldives could better benefit local people in Maldives. "Wish Yunnan's education technology experts could help us to solve such a problem."

K.A.C. Udayakumar, Dean Faculty of Engineering Technology, the Open University of Sri Lanka

K.A.C. Udayakumar, Dean Faculty of Engineering Technology, the Open University of Sri Lanka:

Yunnan's universities' professors' teaching quality is very good

Mr. K.A.C. Udayakumar, took part in the education sub-forum for the first time, too. He gave his impression of Kunming to the InKunming journalist at first. "Kunming is very beautiful. Air in the city is fresh. And weather here is very well." K.A.C. Udayakumar said.

During his stay in Kunming for the education sub-forum, Mr. K.A.C. Udayakumar also took half a day to visit Yunnan Open University. He recalled his experience in the Yunnan Open University and said: “Yunnan Open University owns high-level facilities that our university does not have, I think. Meanwhile, I find that the university’s teaching quality is also very good. ”

To K.A.C. Udayakumar, judging by the Yunnan Open University, it may represent general conditions of Yunnan's local universities.

Yim Ratha, Professor of Asia Euro University in Cambodia

Yim Ratha, Professor of Asia Euro University in Cambodia:

Yunnan's education environment is better than that in Cambodia

Yim Ratha, professor of Asia Euro University in Cambodia, joined in the international-level education forum for acquainting with many educational experts worldwide.

In Yim Ratha's opinion, the education sub-forum provided him a very good platform to communicate with these educational experts.

"I gained a lot from the sub-forum," Yim Ratha said, “from the educational experts, I know the experts' motherlands' tertiary education level. I also know that Yunnan pays attention to quality of education as Cambodia does. But Cambodia does not have a good education environment as Yunnan does. Cambodia lacks education facilities in some extent. To introduce more education facilities in our country is our development target at present. "

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