Kunming attracts investment for 120 projects during CSA expo

Picture shows the scene that Kunming municipal government signs project investment agreements with domestic and international enterprises. [Provided to InKunming]

[InKunming--Kunming]  During the term of the 4th China-South Asia Expo(short for CSA expo) and the 24th China Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair, on June 13, a few of Kunming's high-level government officials on behalf of Kunming signed agreements with domestic and international enterprises for launching 120 projects in the city.

Among the projects, 110 projects are invested by China's domestic enterprises, while the other 10 projects are invested by international enterprises. Total investment amount of the 110 projects is worth 418.13 billion yuan(RMB). And the investment amount of the 10 projects is valued at 998 million U.S. dollars.

Wang Xiliang, mayor of Kunming, introduced that Kunming, being as an intersection of national “One Belt and One Road” zone and Yangtze River Economic zone, and a portal to South Asia and Southeast Asia, is developing very fast. Full of vitality and business opportunities, Kunming has become a hot land for various types of enterprises to invest in.

The 120 investment projects cover several fields of Kunming, including industry, trade, transportation, environmental protection, tourism, finance, biological medicine, agriculture, electric power, etc..

Most of the projects are related to high and new technology. For example, medical three-dimensional printing, micro-electronics, solar energy wafers, tele-medicine system, photovoltaic power generation, and environmentally-friendly engine production are all referred in the investment projects for the city.

Meanwhile, within the projects, some in relation to Kunming's traditional industries will be transformed and upgraded with the investment. High-end logistics ports, e-commerce industrial parks, and crowd-funding service platforms will be constructed in the city according to arrangement of the investment projects, too.

All in all, all investment projects that are to be carried forward in Kunming are planned for creating the best project implementation environment for domestic and international investors, and building up a regional international city center for Kunming in the end, Kunming municipal government announced.

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