Indonesia to see 1 million labors rally for May Day

[InKunming--Sister Cities]  Indonesian police has geared up as 1 million labors are ready to march on the streets across the country on Labor Day on Sunday, an officer said on Thursday.

National Police Spokesman Boy Rafli Amar called on the workers planning to join the demonstration on May 1 remain peaceful and vigilant, and also obey the code of conducts.

"It is prohibited to force others to join the rally or engage in violence," he said at his office in Jakarta.

He added that the cops would take stern actions toward strikers who incite or involve in violence during the rally which occurs across Indonesia, but most of the marchers will be in the country's capital of Jakarta.

"We will secure the rally. The most important thing is that the action must not disturb other people's activities," Boy said.

Increasing the minimum wage in 2017 is among the long list of demands from the workers, according to the Indonesian Labor Union.

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