Oscar Classical Movies' Audio-Visual Concert to premiere in Kunming

Movie poster of Forrest Gump

Movie poster of Titanic

[InKunming--Living in Kunming]  An Oscar Classical Movies' Audio-Visual Concert called "My Heart will Go On" will be arranged in Kunming on April 17, Kunming Theater reported.

Many well-known musical tunes from Oscar classical movies like Titanic, Forrest Gump, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Beauty and the Beast will be played in succession in the evening of April 17 in the theater.

Beijing Wind Orchestra takes charge of performances of the concert on that night. Beijing Wind Orchestra is a professional wind orchestra in China. The orchestra used to play symphony works from Mozart, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Dubussy, Gershwin, Meijer, Maslanka, etc.. The orchestra set up broad cooperation relationships with many foreign musicians, composers, conductors and music organizations.

Audience who have interests in movie art and movie music had better not miss opportunity to attend the concert in Kunming Theater. Intended people could directly buy tickets from Kunming Theater. Telephone number of Kunming Theater is 0871—63169950/63169845.

Concert Playlist

First Half

1. Musical Tunes from Movie Forrest Gump

2. Musical Tunes from Movie Jurassic Park

3. Musical Tunes from Movie Zorro

4. Musical Tunes from Movie Sky City

5. Musical Tunes from Movie Titanic

6. Musical Tunes from Movie Mission Impossible

Second Half

7. Musical Tunes from Movie Schindler’s List

8. Musical Tunes from Movie Beauty and the Beast

9. Musical Tunes from Movie Harry Porter

10. Musical Tunes from Movie Pirates of the Caribbean

11. Musical Tunes from Movie Somewhere in Time

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