2015 Coffee Culture Week comes to a close in Pu'er

[InKunming--Yunnan]  The 2015 Coffee Culture Week recently came to a close, following a series of activities held in the food palace of the Change City Shopping Plaza in Pu'er. A total of seven main activities were held from Jan 14-26 during the culture week.

The China final of the third Syphon Competition opened in the food palace of Change City Shopping Plaza from Jan 24-25, and saw competitors of making Syphon Coffee from 11 sub-contest areas including Suzhou, Lanzhou, Chongqing and Taipei attended the competition. Journalists and guests from China and abroad were also present at the competition site.

Also featured at the Coffee Culture Week was the Third Pu'er Green Coffee Competition, which was opened in the 'Coffee Testing Room' of Yunnan Agricultural University from Jan 14-24. Coffee testers were recruited from over 100 of the country's Q Grader Certification holders. Licensed Q Graders are qualified, vetted and professionally trained coffee tasters and are accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

Another highlight was the Pu'er Coffee Summit Forum, which was themed around the coffee capital of Pu'er and held in the Pu'er Jinlan Hotel on Jan 25. Ted Lingle, the executive director of the Coffee Quality Institute, gave a speech.

There was an auction of high-quality Pu'er green bean, which was open in the multi-function banquet hall of Jinlan Hotel on Jan 25. Activities including the awards ceremony of the Syphon Competition were held at the same time.

The fifth activity at the event was the Grand Ceremony of the Pu'er Coffee Culture Week, which opened in the Pu'er Theatre on Jan 25. More than 300 people including referees of Pu’er Green Coffee Competition and journalists attended the ceremony.

A variety of tourism activities in coffee villages around Pu'er were available from Jan 19-26. Participators were able to visit the Pu'er Coffee Test Specific and Manxiba Coffee Estate.

The seventh and final activity held during the week was the Third Coffee Exhibition, which opened its doors in the food palace of Change City Shopping Plaza from Jan 24-25.

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