Camellia expo to be unveiled in Golden Temple Park

Peony kept in a green house is to bloom soon.[Provided to InKunming]

[InKunming--Exhibitions]  The 9th China Camellia Expo will be held on January 20, 2015 in Golden Temple Park, Kunming, according to expo initiators. After 24 years, the Golden Temple Park is to hold the camellia expo again.

Among cities in China, Kunming holds the Camellia Expo for the most times. This time, except for Kunming Golden Temple Park, Kunming Botanical Garden, Kunming Heilongtan Park, Fengzeyuan Botanical Garden in Baiyi of Songming, Baize Horticulture Company in Chuxiong, Zhangs' Garden in Dali, and Hemu Camellia Village in Tengchong will all be venues for displaying camellia.

"Chinese famous flowers lie in Yunnan, yet Yunnan's famous flower lie in Camellia." This is a very popular saying in China to describe important position of Yunnan camellia. Camellia that originates from Yunnan is listed in the top rank among all eight kinds of famous flowers in Yunnan.

Actually about 1,500 years ago, officials and common people had cultivated habits to grow Yunnan camellia in Nanzhao and Dali Kingdom periods. Until now, camellias that contain genes from Yunnan camellia have spreaded all over the world.

Kunming Botanical Garden represents the highest scientific research institution in Yunnan to research Yunnan camellia. Kunming Heilongtan Park involves old camellia trees that were grown in Ming Dynasty. Fengzeyuan Horticulture Company in Baiyi of Songming is the biggest privately-owned company that breeds camellia in the province. Baizeyuan Horticulture Company in Chuxiong is the biggest company in Yunnan to professionally produce camellia flower and owns the most complete varieties of camellia. Zhangs' Garden in Dali is a perfect example to integrate classical dwelling house with camellia. Hemu Camellia Village in Tengchong contains the most varieties of wild camellia in Yunnan.

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