Kunming people flock to tour abroad during New Year vacation

[InKunming--Kunming]  New Year of 2015 is approaching. Three days, from January 1st to 3rd, are regulated as national holidays for Chinese people. During this period, many people are scheduled to travel outside. This is no exception to Kunming people.

Many Kunming people, especially those office workers, have booked tickets for traveling abroad during the New Year vacation decades of days ago, a survey from local tour agencies and tourism website showed. According to the survey, number of registration people who choose to travel abroad increased significantly compared with that in last year.

“From December 1st to 15th, more than 1,000 people have booked tour group service from us, increasing over 30% compared with the data recorded in last year. On December 29, we will organize more than 300 tourists to travel in Thailand.” said Ms. Li, a principal responsible for outbound tourism from Kanghui Travel Agency.

“It is expected that a travel peak may appear from December 29th to 31st in Kunming. A plenty of tourists booked their outbound travel services very early for they wished to get preferential prices for the services.” Li said.

Many of Kunming people would like to book their travels in South-eastern countries. Islands attract Kunming people most for their beautiful sunshine, sea sands, coconut trees. Phuket Island, Pattaya Island, Koh Samu Island, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur are always hot scenic spots to Kunming people.

Some of Kunming people choose to ask for their leaves one or two day(s) before or after the New Year holidays, so that they could totally get four to six days for their planned outbound travels.

“To Kunming people, traveling in New Year holidays seems more valuable than to travel during Chinese Spring Festival holidays. They are likely to save 30% to 50% travel costs in New Year holidays than that in Spring Festival holidays. ” An insider of tourism industry in Kunming said.

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